Sports Brand Brings NFTs To The Physical

September 11, 2021



round21 is a lifestyle sports brand that focuses on bringing arts, sports and NFTs together to create a new experience with their products. The platform is the first Web3 brand to be featured on Shark Tank so it was an exciting time to have the SmartSeal team play a role in the launch of their next generation products with this growing awareness. 

Tom from round21 sat down with the SmartSeal Team to discuss the projects we completed, and how the concept of a mass onboarding to Web3 will be bridged by our solution that facilitates the easy redemption of NFTs attached to an item. 

“We were wondering how to ‘plus it up’ and make it come alive in a memorable way” - Tom 

Physical assets that can be tagged ith SmartSeal.
The need for impact

round21 combines the expression of art with collaborations in sports to tell a story with recent advances in blockchain technology. round21 partnered with the NFLPA to create a commemorative football of celebrating the most legendary plays of 6 NFL superstars, as interpreted by artist Dwight White.

According to Tom, round21 wanted a “delivery mechanism that is emotionally tied to the receipt of the physical product” and through careful consideration and feedback implementation, the SmartSeal team was able to fulfill that objective. 

A frictionless solution 

Tom was first introduced to SmartSeal through an investor who spoke of the NFC tag solution to pair an NFT with a physical product. However, when Tom contacted us, his team had a concept to add a digital collectible alongside the football. 

As Tom put it, “we were interested in the physical NFT delivery system” that our custodial wallet, card-based solution was able to make possible. According to round21, “it worked perfectly,” which allowed their customers to redeem, then claim the NFT alongside the physical product. 

Image showing how to redeem an NFT asset using Notature.

How to physically redeem an NFT 

“We [Smart Seal and round21] made it as simple as possible from a customer experience perspective” - Tom 

The delivery mechanism, as Tom describes it, is simply a card that is linked to an NFT on the blockchain. The process goes as followed:

  1. Scan the QR code
  2. Connect your wallet 
  3. Type in the pin
  4. Receive your NFT

Tom also highlights the relief of not requiring end consumers to pay gas fees or processes that can be deemed burdensome, or cause a large engagement fall-off  by those who are not currently Web3 native. 

The ease of redemption was a clear sign of customer satisfaction as round21 reports 65 redemptions on the Nouns bag NFT on 185 product sales, which the accompanying project that the Smart Seal team worked on which offered the same physical NFT delivery system.

For their target demographic, that is still relatively new to new Web3 infrastructure, round21 was elated with the results. This 35% redemption rate begins to uncover a world of possibilities when it comes to quantifying post-purchase customer engagement. 


round21 calls their packaged physical product that comes with a NFT, Fizzy+. Using the delivery mechanism that is delivered with the product allowed round21 to change the purchase relationship a customer has from the point of delivery.

This experience allows buyers of the product to participate in the round21 membership and NFT community upon receiving their product.   

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We are in your corner 

When asked if there was anything to mention on the working relationship with Smart Seal, Tom says, “I’ve been super impressed with how you guys operate quite frankly.”

The free flowing of discussion, dedication to execute within deadlines and “willingness to experiment,” as Tom describes, made for a collaborative effort with us in the name of bridging Web3 to today’s brand or manufacturer.. 

What's in Store for round21 x Smart Seal 

So far, we have worked on the two projects focusing on the physical delivery mechanism of an NFT with round21 and Tom is eager to work with Smart Seal again. Not only is he interested in doing more drops with the NFT redemption cards but the “close relationship with an Augmented Reality (AR) Industry Leader” as he details, will allow us the opportunity in the near future to deliver a product for round21 with Smart Seal’s 1:1 NFC:NFT solution. This will then be incorporated with AR to offer a unified experience utilizing the range of leading technology which can look like this:

(NFC:NFT x physical item) Phygital product + AR filter = Novel Experience

This discussion left us excited for the opportunities and creations that make the future ripe for new ideas but we understand it cannot happen in a single leap. In cultivating a collaborative relationship with Web3 brands, such as round21, to offer experiences that imitates the excitement of NFTs; we at Smart Seal are driven to take part in mass adoption of Web3.

Notature is a SmartSeal Product. To enable your physical products, contact us here.

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