Harnessing The Greatest Truth Mechanism

September 12, 2022


Chizi U

Our civilization better functions on a diet of correct information; knowing the truth is important to daily living. This can be exemplified from checking your news or weather app, to analyzing data that informs you on how to optimize your personal investment strategy. 

A few thousand years ago, humanity came up with the simple social policy to have, usually, more than 2 human beings to function as key witnesses to any important event, occurrence, agreement or transaction. This methodology is one that decentralized the knowledge of that event, essentially improving its resiliency. From this emerged the complex system of arbitration that we know today, one where key witnesses to an event are called upon when the truth of the matter is being sought after.

Fast forwarding to our current time, you must have heard of a robust network of government-designated key witnesses called a Notary Public. This network of human witnesses serve as a scaled-up version of the same function just described. However, they have better provenance because they are expected to adhere to a strict set of enforceable rules, allowing them little wiggle room for personal discretion. For example, a Notary Public officer screens for the identity of the individuals participating in the transaction, before adding their own signature to it as a tangible deliverable; this creates a Certificate Of Authenticity for that event.

One can conclude that this valuable, scaled-up methodology that makes recording the truth of a key event easier and resilient, is a net positive for our society. However, expending the energy costs needed to have a Notary Public officer as a witness to most of our daily transactions is not feasible. More importantly, our human condition is one which is corruptible so this means that even a Notary Public officer under strict rules, and like any other human being, can decide to not tell the truth when summoned as a witness during an arbitration process. 

This introduction of a transactional lie into a complex economic system, has the potential to cause unneeded loss of life and/or money. 

A question mark

The Question & a New take

What if we had a secure, cost-effective and far more scalable method to provably authenticate more transactions in a decentralized way, similar to a Notary Public network?

This premise is a simpler take on the growing and popular solution, known as Blockchain technology. It is the foundation of an ecosystem also popularly known as Web3, and is the bedrock that houses the immense value within its sub-elements such as a Non-Fungible Token (otherwise called an “NFT”). 

According to Investopedia, and with less metaphors, a blockchain is a distributed database or ledger that is shared among the nodes of a computer network. As a database, computers on a blockchain electronically & locally store information in a digital format. The innovation with a blockchain is that it guarantees the fidelity and security of a record of data and generates trust without the need for a trusted third party.

Unlike the Notary Public network, a network of computers does not require you to trust a human witness. The ability to enable and record transactions here, are further secured by a level of encryption only solvable by a computer. Answering our initial question, the blockchain as a solution is one of the greatest, truth-enabling mechanisms to date. It provides a fast, powerful and decentralized Notary function that is able to provably give a digital asset, which was previously easy to forge and replicate, a way to be unique and non-fungible. 

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A “SmartSeal” as Paper, and Notature As Pen

Our goal was to connect this truth mechanism to the world of physical objects. First, we had to make sure that this bridge had the same properties as the Non-Fungible Token (otherwise known as an “NFT”) sub-element within a blockchain. This bridge was to have a high-level of security, like the immutability of a blockchain ledger, and a level of modularity that makes it easy to embed on a wide range of physical products. This led to the duality of our solution. Here, we have been able to crytpographically link an NFT to a physical product using a specially encrypted NFC tag; otherwise known as Near Field Communication. Our SmartSeal Smart NFC Tags function as a secure physical extension of the unique nature of the NFT. 

This provides a Proof Of Value in many ways like:

  • Proof of Ownership
  • Proof of Authenticity
  • Proof of Possession
  • Proof of Certification
  • ….and many more. 

To democratize access to the way we have harnessed blockchain technology, we designed Notature, our coming self-serve platform that gives you the ability to mint (and manage) the collection of NFTs you want associated with your products on our system-compatible chains. Once these collections are minted, with our Notature mobile client, you will have the ability to conduct the special linking to the NFC tags that go on to be embedded into each of your products.

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This means that to embed value within your product, your brand can act a notary officer by writing your signature to each item in your collection……..digitally at first…..then physically through a SmartSeal NFC Smart Tag.….this is the meaning behind the word “Notature”.

An illustration showing the etymology of the word "Notature", coined from "Notary Public" and "Signature".
NOTary” + “signATURE” = NOTATURE

Once the tags are embedded, the next step is to build more ongoing value through added utility. Notature’s product roadmap is full of utilities that will give our clients and their end customers, a novel and unique way to continuously engage with their NFT-enabled products. 

The Notature platform will help you to digitally “sign” a SmartSeal Tag, the same way signing a paper is a form of proof that solidifies your ownership of a transactional item. As we get closer to launch, we will be sharing more details about the various Notature features that empower brands & manufacturers to build for a fast-evolving ecosystem. 

We welcome the community of makers & creators to work with us to build entirely different systems of utility on top of our blockchain-enabled NFC tag hardware.

Notature is a SmartSeal Product. To enable your physical products, contact us here.

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